Monday, December 22, 2008

Unique Doily Ornaments (2 Gifts in 1)

I was visiting All Free Crafts over the weekend and happened upon this page:

Christmas Doily Ornaments

I thought these were just adorable little things and they looked so simple to do. However, I wanted to change them up a bit and make them into more of a gift so I could just pull one from the Christmas tree and hand it to visitors when they happen by for cookies on Wednesday and Thursday.

So, here is our take on the Christmas Doily Ornaments:

We used

2 Doilies (One was a new lace one and the other was a vintage crocheted doilie):

2 Scented Ball Candles:

Place the candle in the center of the ornament:

Gather the doily up and around the ornament and tie a strip of ribbon around it to secure it in place:

Cut another strip of ribbon about 5 inches long and fold the ends over a little bit:

Do the next part if you want to hang them on the tree. The instructions on All Free Crafts were to hot glue the ribbon to the doily. We chose to stitch it because it would be easier for the stitches to be removed to use the doily than it would be to remove the glue from the fabric :)

Stitch the ribbon to the center top area of the ornament:

Here are the completed ornaments:

Here's how they look on the tree:

As completed ornaments I like the resulting look of the lace one over the crocheted one. I think a tighter crocheted doily would make a better looking ornament than the one I used.

Now that we know which one we like best, I can pick up more supplies while I'm out shopping and make a few more for the tree and friends.

So there you have it, two inexpensive gifts in one and a very simple and fun craft to share with your family :)

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